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Tourism in South Africa and the top 9 cities deserve your visit P2

Tourism in Johannesburg
This hotel is located in Johannesburg
It is one of South Africa’s most important tourist cities and its cultural and financial center is the main entrance to South Africa.
The northeastern city of Johannesburg is located in Gauteng Province, about 1,400 km from the capital, Cape Town.
After nearly 20 years of decline and neglect, Johannesburg is now looking upbeatly for the future and receiving rapid development at all levels, both in terms of infrastructure and tourist attractions, from museums, galleries, hotels, cafes and restaurants to be one of South Africa’s tourism icons. .
Top 3 landmarks in Johannesburg:
1.Gold Reef City
One of South Africa’s most popular attractions for families, entertainment as it should be in the world-class Gold Reef Park, which offers a variety of games and activities. This park is located on an old gold mine closed in 1971, about 8 km from the center of Johannesburg.
The park has special areas for adults and children, and offers a variety of exciting and fast games such as anacondas, roller coaster and shuttle. The park also has hotels, restaurants, shops, cinemas and other facilities that will bring you and your family the fun you want.
Apartheid Museum
Racial Discrimination Museum
A beacon of hope that South Africa offers the world, and gives them an unforgettable lesson in how to deal with its dark past with utmost neutrality and transparency, to create a brighter future that includes all the races of the South African people, making it one of South Africa’s most important cultural attractions.
The Apartheid Museum will tell you the story of apartheid in South Africa, and how it was eliminated in detail through a collection of exhibitions, photos, text boards, real-life stories and artefacts.
The issue of racial discrimination began in 1948 when the National Party took power in South Africa, and adopted the policy of apartheid according to the skin color in all state facilities and dealings, and on the other hand emerged youth movements and students against those policies.
Inaugurated in 2001, the Museum of Racial Discrimination, the first of its kind in Africa, is one of the most renowned museums in the world for its pivotal and important issue in South Africa and the country’s long struggle against racism and discrimination to eliminate it.
Constitution Hill
A living museum from which you will learn about South Africa’s journey towards democracy. The Constitution Plateau is a former prison and military fortress that also witnesses a turbulent and unfortunate period of apartheid history in South Africa, but surprisingly, it is the same site that houses the Constitutional Court, which upholds the rights of all citizens of the country.
When you visit this historic landmark you will encounter many contradictions and how it became a beacon of justice after years in which it was a symbol of injustice and oppression, and the most famous people imprisoned inside is the late leader Nelson Mandela.
Tourism in Pretoria
Union Buildings in Pretoria
Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, where government departments and ministries converge. The city of Pretoria is called a lot of titles, most notably the city of Jacaranda after the jacaranda trees of purple color, which adorn the streets heavily, as it is called ‘Tshwaneh’, which is the name of the city is not supported.
The city of Pretoria is located on the banks of the River Valley, it is the capital of Zhaoqing province and dates back to 1855, the city is one of the most important tourism cities in South Africa because of the old buildings with a unique architectural style, as well as many tourist attractions in the parks The museums and old buildings, in addition to the magnificent climate of its privileged location, which rises from the sea by about 1271 meters.
Top 3 landmarks in Pretoria:
1- Voortrekker Monument
The Fortricker Monument
One of the most important tourist attractions in South Africa for history enthusiasts, it is a monument honors farmers ‘Fortricker people’ who fought against England during the Boer War, which was fought by England against Africans of Dutch descent to control the gold and diamond mines, but England and after fierce battles were able That the outcome of the war to be resolved in its favor and the last of those battles in 1899.
The Fortriker Monument is a monument to South Africa, which was inaugurated in 1949 and was designed by architect Gerard Muirdek. The Fortriker monument is one of South Africa’s 10 most visited cultural attractions.
Union Buildings
Designed by the architect Herbert Baker in 1911, the 285-meter-long architectural structure was built of light sand in an enormous English style.There are lots of magnificent gardens, but the most important feature of the memorial of the great fighter Nelson Mandela, in front of The main entrance to the Union buildings since 2013.
Pretoria National Botanical Garden
A natural green oasis, located in the eastern suburb of Pretoria, is one of South Africa’s most important tourist destinations for wild and wildlife enthusiasts.
The National Botanical Garden of Pretoria is characterized by its amazing biodiversity. It is full of rare plants, diverse insects and more than 220 species of interesting birds such as eagles, vultures as well as mammals and bats.
The park is an ideal destination for nature lovers, especially when strolling on the terraced paths leading to meadows and green mountains, and at the end of the day you can have a great meal at the lake restaurant in the garden.

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