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Tourism in Australia and the top 10 cities you can visit P3

Tourism in Perth
The new parliament building
Perth is one of the most important Australian cities that have a great role in tourism in Australia, because of its multiculturalism, especially religious and diversity of tourist places that distinguish it as well as leadership in the field of science and technology. Perth is located on the banks of the Swan River, which made it enjoy the wonderful landscape because of its beaches Magic and beauty.
Perth is also rich in parks, museums and entertainment and festivals.However, the most important characteristic is the high level of education and possession of the University of Western Australia.As a result of the diversity of cultures and the high level of education we find it one of the most expensive cities in Australia in terms of living and residence.
Tourism in Adelaide
City of Adelaide
Adelaide is located between the hills and the ocean and is characterized by a culture of food, festivals and activities that are known to be environmentally friendly, and also includes many tourist areas such as:
Four Oaks Farm, which suits children and provides them with special activities.
Adelaide Central Market and its various food commodities.
Adelaide’s historic harbor and kayak experience is enough for one person to enjoy a pleasant journey across the Port River.
East End is a comprehensive shopping area with many popular shops.
Elegant Heritage Terrace is one of the most important cultural centers in the city.
The wild area of ​​Adelaide is watching kangaroos and koalas.
Enjoy a sunset view on one of the city’s beaches.
Visit the Adelaide Oval Stadium.
A city bike tour is an eco-friendly activity.
Visit the Adelaide Hills and dine at one of its famous restaurants.
Tourism in Hobart
Hobart City
Hobart is a tourist destination in Australia and located in the south-east of the continent of Australia, has a special character is characterized by magic and beauty because of the great diversity of culture and leisure activities and picturesque nature and magnificence and beauty made it a proven tourist destination when traveling to Australia.
Hobart offers its visitors a variety of festivals and activities that make them spend the most enjoyable time, and offers them unique experiences such as outdoor walks in the area of ​​Mount Wellington coupled with the atmosphere of cool air breezes smell of eucalyptus trees, a wonderful experience that is unforgettable and leave a good impact In the hearts of tourists.
Australia’s many attractions and diversity make it an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world, as well as being located in the southern hemisphere, making travel to Australia something distinct from the northern half of the world, and made tourism in Australia a wonderful dream Many want to achieve and enjoy
Where is Australia located in the southern hemisphere of Southeast Asia
The capital of Australia is Canberra
Australia currency Australian dollar AUD
The language of Australia is English
Australia local time (from 7+ to 11+ GMT)
International dialing code 61+

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