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Tourism in Australia and the top 10 cities you can visit P2

Tourism in Canberra
New Parliament House in Canberra
Canberra is one of the most important tourist destinations in Australia and is the capital of Australia. It is located in the middle of Sydney and Melbourne, and has many tourist attractions in Australia, making it a definite destination for tourists. Canberra is characterized by a variety of attractions between parks and museums and allows for climbing and fishing enthusiasts Suitable for these activities, Canberra is therefore a sure choice when traveling to Australia.
Top 3 Canberra landmarks:
1.Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial
The Australian Monument, completed in 1941, began in France and moved to Australia after World War I, symbolizing the memory of Australian soldiers and members of its armed forces killed in war.
The Australian Monument has three main parts: the first one is the Mausoleum with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; the second is the Memorial Monument;
Parliament House
The Australian Parliament Building is one of Australia’s most beautiful landmarks and is a meeting place for Parliament. Located in Canberra, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, it opened in May 1988 at a cost of about $ 1 billion.
The parliament building was designed to receive visitors from the public with an estimated 100,000 visits a year through the large halls leading to the entrances. As the terrorist attacks intensified, it was necessary to secure the parliament more than it is. Building barriers.
Lake Burley Griffin
Lake Burleigh Griffin is one of Australia’s most important tourist attractions, which tourists are keen to visit when traveling to Australia.It was first designed in 1920, but because of World War II and the financial depression the lake was interrupted for a long time and reached about 30 years. Resumption of work in 1950.
The Burleigh Griffin Lake is designed to parallel the area’s natural attractions and is the hub of Canberra. The National Gallery, the National Museum, the National Library, the Australian National University and the Supreme Court are adjacent to the Parliament House.
Surrounded by landscaped gardens, the lake also provides visitors with many activities such as canoeing and fishing, making it a great destination when traveling to Australia.
Tourism in Queensland
The city of Brisbane in Queensland
Queensland is the second largest state in the continent of Australia in terms of area and third in terms of population, and is very famous and very important for tourism in Australia because of its beautiful tourist attractions, as well as the warm weather that distinguishes it even known as the state of bright sunshine.
Traveling to Australia, especially Queensland, has great fun and a great opportunity to get to know Australia’s many attractions, the most important of which is the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the most important natural attractions in the world, and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia that tourists are keen to visit when traveling to Australia.
Top 4 cities in Queensland:
1- Brisbane City
Brisbane or Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, the second fastest growing city in the world, is characterized by a temperate subtropical climate with warm sun and clear blue waters, which encourages its living and is even the most appropriate cities of Australia, so it is one of the most important tourism cities in Australia It is characterized by a warm temperate atmosphere, quiet life and friendly residents.
2. Gold Coast
Gold Coast
Gold Coast is Australia’s premier tourism destination with an impressive infrastructure that has made it one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions, as well as its many beaches and forests, making it a favorite choice when traveling to Australia.
Gold Coast has a mild climate for tourists coming to Australia, which provides full pleasure to engage in various recreational activities provided to them, as well as many of the places that tourists are keen to visit such as Surfers Paradise, the wax museum and the world of the film world and other wonderful places that promote and travel hard And tourism in Australia.
3- Cairns
City of Cairns
Cairns is one of Queensland’s world-renowned cities for its many tourist attractions, the most famous of which is the Great Barrier Reef, one of the greatest natural discoveries in the world, a region full of diverse coral reefs of colorful colors in addition to many types of fish, dolphins, turtles, dugongs and giant oysters. Coral reefs can be enjoyed through scuba diving or snorkeling, as well as underwater viewing stations.
In addition to visiting the Great Barrier Reef there are many activities and places to visit in Cairns such as:
Lake Cairns
Rusty Farms Market
Pantone Steamer
More Reef Marine World
Green Island
Cable car experience
Experience diving lessons
Tiabukai Park
Daintree Forest
Baron River.
4. Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay is one of Australia’s most beautiful tourist destinations in general and Queensland in particular, which is located north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, 290 km between the island of Fraser and the land area of ​​Queensland.
Hervey Bay is one of Australia’s most beautiful tourist cities, which rely on tourists’ visits to Fraser, Elliot and whale watching.

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