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Tourism in Norway and the best 7 cities worth your visit p3

Tourism in Lofoten or Lofoten
City of Svolvaer
Lofoten or Lofoten is an archipelago of islands, located in the Norwegian province of Nordland. Words cannot describe the beauty that you will meet in this picturesque city. Tourists, with all modern living facilities. You can do a lot of activities in Lofoten, including exciting kayaking trips, climbing, and the most delicious seafood dishes in one of its restaurants.
Top 3 landmarks in Lofoten Islands:
1- Svolvaer
Svolvaer is the largest city in the Lofoten archipelago, famous for cod fishing. Svolvaer is also the best place to explore the beauty of nature in Lofoten.
Wherever you go in Svolvaer, you will be amazed by the magnificent landscapes, whether the mountains for climbing enthusiasts, the fjords for fishing enthusiasts and cruises, as well as touring the green plains dotted with streams.
Svolvaer is the heart of Lofoten, with hotels, first-class restaurants, year-round art galleries, shopping malls and department stores. The most famous activities offered by Svolvaer, boat trips in the fjords to enjoy the most beautiful scenery amid the mountains and flowing waterfalls.
Lofotr Viking Museum
Lofoter Viking Museum
This unique museum, one of Norway’s most important tourist attractions, will make you travel more than a thousand years back.
“Welcome to the Viking World” This is the lively logo of the Lofoter Viking Museum, where a group of employees wear Viking uniforms and simulate their lives, such as their way of cooking food, famous handicrafts, fictional fighting, etc. The museum also offers many festivals and festivals. The Viking Festival takes place in mid-August every year.
3 – Reine
A small fishing village, but considered one of the most beautiful and best places of tourism in Norway to stay during your journey to discover the Lofoten Islands. Green Rennes is located 125 km west of Svolvaer Airport and 9 km east of Muskines. And granite tops in the background.
The village of Rennes offers many interesting activities, such as kayaking, cycling, skiing during winter, climbing, swimming on its beaches, but if you are a photography enthusiast, do not miss the view of the Aurora Borealis.
Tourism in Trondheim
Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim
The city of Trondheim is one of Norway’s oldest cities, treasured by its history and cultural heritage. The city is full of historical monuments with magnificent views of the city, such as museums, castles, churches and towers.
Trondheim has many cultural and art exhibitions and festivals, especially between July and August, but there are also many recreational activities such as fishing and swimming, and during the winter there are many halls for skiing.
The top 3 landmarks in the city of Trondheim:
Nidaros Cathedral
Nidaros Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and famous historical monuments in the city of Trondheim, dating back to the late 11th century, during the reign of King Olaf Trigvason.
Nidaros Cathedral is characterized by its unique architectural design, which still retains its lead and green colors, and is inlaid with statues and decorative forms, most notably one representing the Archangel, who is a shield and spear. The tourist goes to enjoy the beautiful tranquil garden around, and there is a modern museum.
2 – Old Town Bridge
The Old City Bridge
The Old Town Bridge is a very special tourist destination in Norway. Called the “gate of happiness”, you can stroll the bridge and see the most beautiful views of the city of Trondheim.
The bridge and its gates still retain their old form when they were rebuilt in 1861. At the end of the bridge on the west side, there is a very distinctive house that was once used for guarding, and is now used as a nursery.
Kristiansten Fortress
Kristiansten Fort is one of the most important tourist attractions in Norway and in the city of Trondheim in particular. It was built in 1681 and took four years to defend the city against any attacks from the east.
There are many tours to learn about the history of the fort, which consists of four floors and a cannon tower. There is also a museum, a weapons depot and a restaurant that serves delicious cuisine.

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