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Tourism in Norway and the best 7 cities worth your visit p2

Tourism in Bergen or Bergen
Bergen Hanseatic Wharf is located in Bergen
Bergen is the capital of Norway and the most beautiful city in Norway. Located west of the country, about 480 km from the city of Oslo. The city of Bergen boasts stunning landscapes, fjords, flowing waterfalls, towering mountains, and a historic city with a youthful look.It grew around its well-established harbor.You can clearly see this as you stroll through the streets, old cobbled alleys, and watch the small wooden houses. Bergen is also your gateway to exploring the wonderful natural kingdom of western Norway.
Top 3 landmarks in Bergen:
1.Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
The Bergen Hanseatic Wharf is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.
During your visit to the area you will enjoy seeing the old lanes, and houses made of wood, which are more than a thousand years old, and still retain the form and durability, as there are many cafes and souvenir shops. Opposite the Bergen Hanstek Wharf area you will find the bustling harbor area, fish market and other places of interest.
Mount Floyen and the Funicular
Mount Fluin
A magnificent peak about 320 meters above sea level, is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Norway. You can reach it by the funicular, which is one of the most beautiful experiences in Bergen.
The journey starts from the city center and takes about 6 minutes. You can see the entire city of Bergen and see its sea entrances closely in a view that will be etched in your memory for years. The summit has a restaurant, a café, a souvenir shop, as well as a children’s entertainment area.
Bergenhus Fortress
Bergenhaus Castle is one of the oldest castles in the heart of Bergen, the castle area is free to the public, where there are plenty of statues and magnificent gardens, but you must pay a fee when entering the museums in the castle. There is more than one area for large, small concerts held outdoors. Please note that the castle has high walls, some of which are not guaranteed.
Tourism in Tromsø
Tromso Cable Car in Tromso
Dubbed the Paris of the North for its great blend of activities amid tranquil nature and bustling nightlife. There are many cultural and historical landmarks, such as museums, festivals, as well as parks, but the most famous of the city of Tromsø Norwegian is the region of the twilight, which is one of the most popular tourist places in Norway, which attracts thousands of tourists to witness this unique cosmic phenomenon.
Top 3 landmarks in Tromso:
It is an unique aquarium and educational center, located a 5-minute walk from the center of Tromsø. It presents a simulation of Arctic life, showing you a collection of films in its panoramic cinemas, showing how the Arctic ice melts, and how it affects plants and animals.
Through the Aquarium you will see a lot of animals in the Arctic, such as seals, and there are many distinctive exhibitions, and a souvenir shop.
2 – Arctic Cathedral
Arctic Cathedral is one of Norway’s most distinctive tourist attractions, also called the Arctic Cathedral, which opened in 1965.
The secret of its distinctiveness is its unique architectural structure, consisting of a combination of aluminum concrete panels and huge glass facades with a large cross on the main entrance, as well as the magnificent glass mosaics on its eastern side. Inside the cathedral there are many interesting things, most notably oak stalls, large chandeliers, and the shape of the altar.
3- Tromso Fjellheisen Cable Car
Tromso Cable Car will give you the most beautiful view of the city of Tromsø, and is one of the most enjoyable tourism activities in Norway at all, from an altitude of 421 m above sea level, you will enjoy seeing the most beautiful scenery of the city, mountains, islands, and the fjords surrounding it, in a journey that takes only 4 minutes, But it is 4 minutes to dig into your memory for years. You can also enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant at the top station with the most beautiful views of the city.

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