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Tourism in South Africa and the top 9 cities deserve your visit P4

Tourism in Port Elizabeth
The beaches of Port Elizabeth are located in Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in South Africa, and the third largest port in the country, where you are overwhelmed by the charm of the coast and exciting marine life.
The journey to South Africa will not be complete without going through the city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape province, 770 km from Cape Town.
The secret of the city of Port Elizabeth is its picturesque clean beaches that offer all kinds of activities and water sports, from diving, swimming, windsurfing, fishing, but the best adventures of all time is the whale exploration of the magnificent whales, also the city has a lot of gardens and parks and archaeological and historical places Notable.
Top 3 landmarks in Port Elizabeth:
Port Elizabeth Beaches
Port Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa, spread over 40 km along the Gulf of Goa. The most famous beaches in Bot Elizabeth are Humewood Beach, Hobby Beach and Sardinia Bay, where beaches offer a variety of fun water activities. Recreational facilities and restaurants with scenic views.
2 – Kragga Kamma Game Park
Karama Kama Gym Park
A unique safari destination in South Africa, it is cheaper compared to other safari parks in the country. You will enjoy the picturesque nature and meet the most famous wild animals of Africa, most notably rhinoceros, zebras, giraffe, wild buffaloes, and wonderful species of birds such as ostriches, etc. It also contains unique forms of rock art dating back more than 6 thousand years, also has a restaurant offers delicious Food for visitors to the outdoor park.
Addo Elephant National Park
Also called the National Elephant Park, it is the third largest national park in the country. The park gives you an elephant adventure amid scenic landscapes and biodiversity. Safari enthusiasts also offer plenty of fun activities such as horse riding and camping.
Addo Elephant National Park was founded in 1931 with the aim of keeping 11 African elephants from extinction, and now the park includes more than 600 jungle elephants, and more than 185 species of birds and mammals.
Tourism in Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein Free State Botanical Garden
Bloemfontein “City of Flowers” ​​is one of the most important cities of tourism in Africa, called this title for its richness of roses and annual festivals held to contain the most beautiful and rarest flowers.
Bloemfontein is the judicial capital of the country and has a temperate climate with a privileged location at an altitude of 1395 meters above sea level.
Bloemfontein offers its visitors a variety of natural attractions such as the most beautiful gardens and parks as well as cultural attractions from ancient exhibitions and museums, making it one of the most important tourist cities in South Africa.
Top 3 attractions in Bloemfontein:
1- Free State National Botanical Garden
It extends over an area of ​​70 hectares in Wadi Latif, full of rock outcrops. The park offers its visitors a wonderful opportunity to relax amidst scenic landscapes, magnificent lawns, forests and streams.
The Free State Botanical Garden hosts over 124 bird species, 54 reptile species and 50 mammal species. During the summer, they organize walks under the moonlight and sunset parties. The garden also offers a shoe shop and a restaurant.
The Oliewenhuis Art Museum
Museum of Art
Unique in the country, where its building was once a palace and seat of government. It was completed in 1942, and was later transformed into an art museum in 1989.
The museum houses an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures of ancient and contemporary, and many statues of the most famous figures in the history of South Africa, and many legendary works that combine the history of Africa and Europe, and in front of the museum is one of the most beautiful gardens in the country.
3 – Anglo Boer War Museum
Visiting this museum, one of South Africa’s top tourist attractions, you will learn about the history of the bitter Boer War, also known as the South African War. The battles and conflicts of this war spanned from 1899 to 1902, and you will know everything that took place during that period in detail as you tour the museum.
The museum houses a memorial for women in memory of the thousands of women and children killed during the war, as well as the most important items, weapons and art exhibits depicting the period.
Tourism in Kimberley
The Great Pit Kimberly in Kimberley
Do you want to enjoy the clear sky and get complete isolation amid the large rock formations? So you have to travel to South Africa, specifically to Kimberley, the world’s diamond capital and the foundation of South Africa’s wealth.
Kimberley is the capital of North Africa’s Cape Province, located at the intersection of the Fall and Orange Rivers. It offers its visitors the most beautiful areas and nature reserves, as well as its rich historical heritage represented in many museums, because of the conflicts and wars that it was the aspiration of the colonial countries to rich in diamonds, especially during the bitter Boer war.
Top 3 attractions in Kimberley
The Big Hole Kimberley
The largest man-made hole in the world is about the size of 8 football fields. Excavated during the search and excavation of diamonds by mines and bulldozers, digging 22 million tons of soil to extract about 14 million carats of diamonds, and is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city of Kimberley.
2.Mokala National Park
Mokala National Park
The park contains many endangered species, such as kodo, black and white rhinoceros, and many amazing bird species.
The park is located southwest of Kimberley, about 70 km from Cape Town. You will enjoy the most beautiful scenery amid the hills and open plains by electric carts that will take you on a wonderful tour of the park.
3 – McGregor Museum
The McGregor Museum dates back to 1907, at which time there were many calls for a museum in Kimberley, but nothing happened because of lack of funds, until Mrs. McGregor, a widow of former Kimberley Mayor Alexander McGregor, donated the money for the museum.
The museum is multi-disciplinary, with a focus on natural, cultural, historical and scientific fields.
Tourism in Robben Island
Robben Island
Robben Island is South Africa’s most famous island, located 7 km off the coast of Cape Town, accessible by ferry cruise that takes about 3 hours. Upon arrival on the island you can visit many of its famous landmarks, most notably the prison where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned as well as the island museum.
The island is classified as a World Heritage Site because of its rare species of birds and plants.
South Africa is a country that will amaze you with its fusion of modernity and development, as well as its pride in its origins and heritage, it is a country that is extremely rich, enjoyable and entertaining. On your own.

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