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Tourism in Norway and the best 7 cities worth your visit p1

Tourism in Norway
Norway is a land of bays, Viking ships, a natural paradise that will hold your breath, and shock your sense. Points of infinite convergence between land and water forming together unparalleled creative natural paintings.
Norway is not only a wealthy country, but also a natural one.It is replete with the most beautiful landscapes in the world.Wherever you go inside Norway, you will find unique fjords, flowing natural waterfalls, and ultra-clear lakes whose surface reflects the sky and the surrounding nature, like a huge mirror made by Alpari Almighty.
Although tourism in Norway is somewhat expensive, it is certainly worth it, especially if traveling to Norway between May, June, August and September, is the peak period of the tourist season in Norway. Now pack your bags and so on for a quick tour of Norway’s most important tourist cities.
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Tourism in Oslo
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Tourism in Oslo
Frogner Park and Figland Park are located in Oslo
Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway, and one of the most popular tourist cities in Norway. Ranked first in the world in terms of quality of life, outperforming most major European cities.
Oslo is located in southeastern Norway, on the southeast coast. Oslo is nicknamed the hillside city; for its many hills, green areas and lakes, there are also many distinctive museums, recreational places, parks and historical places, such as palaces and castles, in addition to interesting cruises, wandering through its streets and squares and see its buildings with distinctive architectural style, and colorful colors .
Top 3 landmarks in Oslo:
The Viking Ship Museum
Viking Ship Museum
The Viking Ship Museum will give you the opportunity to see the best preserved Vikings in the world.
The Vikings were a group of warriors in Scandinavia, who raided and colonized large parts of Europe, between the 9th and 11th centuries, and were raiding states from the coasts using those ships in the museum, which archaeologists found in the tombs of their wealthy owners, With a collection of unique skeletons and artifacts from the magnificent Viking world.
2 – Frogner Park and Vigeland Park
Vigeland Park is located inside the Frogner Park, the largest sculpture garden of one artist in the world, containing more than 200 sculptures of wrought iron, bronze and granite. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway for art and culture enthusiasts.
The amusement park, or Frogner Park, is the largest park in the central area of ​​Oslo, and one of the most popular areas for city residents and tourists alike. Offering plenty of entertainment options, you can lie down and enjoy the sun, run, or play badminton. Frogner Park has Norway’s largest collection of roses, and a large children’s playground, near the main entrance, swimming pool, café, and restaurant.
Akershus Fortress
Akershus Castle from which you can discover the history of the city of Oslo, watch the most beautiful views of the city, and enjoy a wonderful summer day. The castle dates back to 1299, and was completed in the 13th century, with plenty of guided tours available during the summer. The castle area is now a popular place to celebrate major events and concerts.

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